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Eco-Systems Group SAS

In 2014 different companies that independently worked on processes of Energy Efficiency, Responsible Management of Water Resources, Sustainable Construction and that in turn shared the same vision of proposing projects that generate savings, not only in the "cash flow", but even more in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Colombia united in a single company called Eco-systems Group SAS.


We carried out different Thermal and Solar Efficiency projects in different hotel chains, wastewater treatment projects through "Artificial Wetlands", Water Desalination Projects in Wayuu Communities, where additionally 1 Hectare of "Self-consumption gardens" was created.


We also have ventured into the Colombian Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industry post its regulated legalization in 2017. These ventures are currently in hibernation due to Colombian regulations that are still under development for this industry.

From the year 2019, we have been developing an innovative project in Latin America based on "Marine Permaculture" with focuses on the Mitigation of Climate Change and the reduction of emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in Latin America, particularly in Colombia. In 2021, this project has been renamed as project BLUE-TREASURES - Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture business project to boost Colombia's rural, coastal economy. This project is under full-speed development with strong support from the Colombian government (Ministry of Environment and Min of Sciences), and the support of international and local alliances with the relevant Universities and Corporate communities.  


Composed of highly experienced and diversely skilled Colombian dn Indian entreprenuers, the Eco-Systems group SAS founders' team is industriaoulsy working on the development of the scientific, social, ecological, environmental and business aspects of the Project Blue-Treasures. 

Carlos Reinoso

Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of creating and directing companies focused on developing Environmental Sustainability projects in different Sectors of the Colombian Economy promoting the Mitigation of Climate Change and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emission. Experienced with projects of Systems for Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy and the Management of the Hydric Resources. Early lobbyist for the regulation of Cultivation and Industrialization of Cannabis and Industrial Hemp in Colombia. Currently developing the Project “Blue-Tressures” in Colombia. 

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Mohammad Hassain

 Mo is a products and solutions design mentor, a serial-entrepreneur, industrial process engineer with more than 7 years of experience from the Indian and Colombian agriculture sector. He has experience in traditional and industrial seaweed farming from India. He’s trained in systems and process design and their automation. He is also the former CEO of a hemp products startup in Colombia. Currently developing the Project “Blue-Tressures” in Colombia. 

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